The Tape Job

One of the most common questions I get is how do you tape off / mask off.
Well its all starts with an xacto Knife & 2" masking tape.
It is up to you if you want to use a blue tape I find that they sometimes
don't stick as well. So prefer the masking tape. The pictures below show you
a step by step process on how I mask off for sprays.
Always make sure to start off with a clean dry
suface. To Start the tape off you are going to
need a 2inch masking tape run one large strip
a cross don't press down.
Step two you are going to run your fingers into
the grooves and contours of the sneaker. This
is the most important part go slow press down.
Step Three you take your sharp xacto blade
and start to cu make sure you press lightly but
enough to cut the tape.
Step Four you want to pull back with the tip of
your xacto blade lift up one corner. And the
start to gentle pull back. If you make an
incorrect cut just make sure to add another
large piece of tape and recut
Step five now complete the rest of your
sneaker, yes you must cover the rest of
sneaker. Airbrush has a very fine mist that
makes the paint and paint dust go everywhere.
Better safe than sorry.
Step six you want make sure you prep
correctly. In the case of this pair we used a few
sprays of an Adhesion Promoter to help with
the mid sole. Remember light coats and use a
blow dryer between coats.  Always shoot direct
no at any angles that will cause you to spray
under that tape line.
Step Six you must make sure your paint job is
almost dry to pull tape- If you let is dry
completely and you applied lots of coats you
make have stuck your tape to the paint and it
will cause some damage. So be carefull when
pulling off.
Note- If you are planing on spraying another
area you are going to have to wait for the paint
to fully dry before you do anything else. 24
hours at a min for air dry.  - When airbrush use
a filter and 2thin to correctly prep your paint. It
will keep your airbrush from clogging.
#pow all done! add some custom laces and
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