Q: How do people add fabric or denim to shoes?
A: Make a stencil by masking off the area with masking tape and cutting it out with an
exacto knife to make a precise stencil. Trace onto your fabric, cut out precisely, glue
on with fabric glue. (people prefer GOOP)

Q: Can you paint mid soles? If so is there any suggested paint?
A: Yes you can paint mid soles, but they WILL crack over time. At this point there is no
perfect paint for mid soles but people are experimenting.

Q: How do you change the color of suede?
A: Angelus leather dye works best, but must be applied with extreme caution as it will

Q: How do you make camo, elephant print, safari, etc...
A: Search google for images of samples that have been produced. Lay down your
base coat color and add your secondary or third colors on top.

Q: How do I add images on fabric to my customs?
A: Paper that can be printed directly through an inkjet printer.(Iron on transfers) This
can be purchased online or at office supplies stores. Print your image on the paper,
iron onto your fabric, then cut and glue onto your shoes.

Q: How do I make my own shirts?
A: Some people hand paint their shirts, other use iron on transfer paper, and the rich
folks have screen printed or silkscreeners.

Q: How do I achieve a fade effect? (i.e. Haze Dunks)
A: Airbrushing, Soft makeup sponges.

Q: Is shoe wax/water repellent needed to be applied after finishing a custom?
A: No, Angelus paint is water proof, but it doesn't hurt, just don't spray on too much.

Q: How do I achieve fine detail/small thin lines?
A: Using a brush that comes to a small point and applying barely any pressure can
get you those perfect details.

Q: Is createx a usable paint for customizing shoes?
A: I've heard it is and it isn't. I have never used it and I see no reason why anyone
would because Angelus works just fine Some people like to use an airbrush for
painting foams. The only problem is that after time it will crack.

Q: Can I throw my shoes in a washing machine to clean them/white up the mesh?
A: I have heard of great stories and horror stories from this. I recommend against it as
the moisture that will be left in the shoes will deteriorate the soles. As for how clean
you shoes get, don't expect miracles. Be sure to add the proper detergent and put the
shoes in separate pillow cases.

Q: Will customs with printed canvas on them last through wear in the rain, snow,
A: If you follow the correct procedures, even ironed on canvas should last because
they are made to even go through the washing machine with no bleeding.

Q: Will shoe polish come off in the rain/snow?
A: Angelus when dry will not wash off in rain or snow.

Q: How do I paint patent leather?
A: You can paint patent leather but it will really depend on your skill at
painting smooth or using your airbrush. You sneakers should be worn
lightly dont go playing basketball kicking rock or playing puddles after a
while the patent leather will show wear. And may need to be touched up
where they bend.

Q: Can you dye patent leather?
A: no.

Q: Where can I purchase Carbon Fiber?
A: It is available online in many stores, eBay, and some people have said
they found it at local craft stores.

Q: How deep do I burn when trying to make gator/elephant print?
A: Quoted By Chameleon:

"To start off with, there is no answer. There is no measurement or depth
gage for you to go by. There are no standards. No color markers or
changes in the smell of the burning leather. If the alligator skin is done
properly, it should not be even. Much like real alligator skin it should not
compltely symmertical. There are highs and lows in the grain. To use the
coin term "scales" loosely, there should not be in a uniform pattern.
Experiment with it. That could quite possibly be the best info you could get
regarding the croc pattern.

With that said, there are many customs ive seen out there that have a
simple checker board pattern that looks very unauthentic. For that, press
the hot woodburning pen into the leather and drag it in a slow, straight,
steady line. Repeat if necessary. "

Q: How do I make the splatter effect?
A: Mask off anywhere you don't want paint to be. Then there are several
ways to apply the splatter, some drop it from brushes at a high point and let
gravity to the work. Some people goop in on their brushes and flick or throw
it at the shoes. Some also blow the paint out of a straw to get the job done.

Q: Where can I find silica packets to buy?
A: Google Search...
Q:What is the best paint for leather shoes?
A: Angelus leather paint or Jacquard Airbrush  click the image below and it
will take you to the paints page.
Q: What do Angelus Paint Dullers and Varnishes do?
A: Paint duller can be added directly to your paint to deminish the gloss it
comes with and accomplishes a factory produced look. Varnishes can be
added after you are done painting to add a glossy/shiny look to your paint to
accomplish a patent leather look.
Q: How do you change the color of the inside liner of
A: If its a mesh/nylon that is found on AF1/Jordan 11 we use a GAC900
Fabric Medium made by Golden mix 1to1 and then it need to be heat set.
Which is 1oz to 1oz of Gac900.

Golden's acrylic polymer GAC 900
is for clothing artists. Blend it with
acrylic colors to produce fabric paints.
When heat-set properly, it offers a very
soft hand and laundering stability.

GAC 900: Acrylic Polymer for
Clothing Artists — Blend with acrylic
colors to produce fabric paints.
When heat-set properly, it offers a
very soft hand and laundering
stability. Caution — provide
adequate ventilation when using
GAC 900 as the heat-setting
releases low levels of formaldehyde.
Heat set at 300 for 3-5 mins
Q: What should I use to prepare the shoes and how do I
know if they are prepared correctly?

A: Pure acetone is the strongest
and most effective way to remove
factory finishes for the best results
in customizing. I personally use
cotton balls for larger areas and
cotton q-tips for smaller areas
that are dipped in acetone to
prepare my customs. Apply a
good amount of pressure and
scrub, but not so hard that you
remove the texture of the leather
. Some people believe you must
make the leather turn grey for it
to be prepared, but aslong as
the finish is off, you're good to go.
Q: How to I clean and restore the toe on my AF1 and
most sneakers.

A: Please view the video below we used a blow dryer Angelus Foam
Cleaner KOS brush and Angelus Shoe Stretch.
Q: What kind of glues can be used on sneakers.
A: Barge All Purpose Cement  Shoe Goo & Masters .
Work well you can purchase via   our store
Q: Do you know what colors to mix to match Jordans colors
True blue Infrared aqua 8 etc ?
A: Please visit the Angelus Collector color currently  
Click the link  Angelus Collector Colors
Q: Do you know what products to use to make the black out  
bred / Dirty BRED on Jordan 11  ?
A:  Purchase the set below $25.00 & $30.00 with Matte Finisher
Q: How do I get glow in the dark paint?

 We carry a full line of pigments that come with netural for brush or
2thin to prep for airbrush.

A: Well you only want to add enough to make the powder turn fluid DO NOT OVER
ADD. Or it will take lots of coats to make the glow in the dark solid. Please make sure
to filter prior to use in an airbrush.

Q: Will the Glow in the Dark Paint Change the look of the Sneaker.
A: Yes where ever you apply it will leave a film of the pigment so any color underneath
will no longer be bright. It will almost leave a yellow look to it especially on White
Q:  I also see people paint & Glow to the soles of there sneakers
does this hold?

A: Well ... As soon as the sole touches the concrete it will rub off. Most people do it for
show and don't really intend to wear them lots of times anyway. Now there are people
that remove the sole off the foams etc and add the glow affect to the inside and then
reattach them to sneaker to prevent the cracking.  If You still want to paint the sole
anyway use a Sole Shield
Q: How do you make Solar Red / Red October  Color?

A. Click on the Video below it will show you a step by step
process and color mixing 2-thin and more.
Q: What does Deadstock Mean.

A. Deadstock mean brand new un-worn soles have not touch dirt or
concrete. There is no such thing as near Deadstock.
Q: Can I paint my Nike Foamposites with Angelus.
A: Yes you can but you have to remember painting on Foamposites is for show
they arent ment to be in water/ basketball games etc. REASON  Foamposites
are a flexable plastic, and because of that it will crack after a few wears please
use the adhesion promoter  wet sand to help the angelus stick better.
Q: Can I paint the sole of sneakers jordans etc,

A: You can do anything you want but after one wear the paint will wear off (heel drag)
That means your going to have to paint them everytime after wear. If you want them
to stay nice. The color of rubber soles is in the mold process when they are made.
The color isnt added after. So everytime you add paint on top it will just not stay.

There is a new product called a film protector which is clear plastic that you are
going to have to apply to get some wears .  
Q:Can I dye my Black Nubuck/suede Jordans another color.
A:  YES you can not dye a black suede/nubuck another color. Dyes are not opaque
and do not cover they just stain. If you want to change the color of nubuck/suede your
going to have to dye/paint the sneaker a lighter color  or deluded white and a metal
brush and an airbrush then spray with the final color deluded again - This does
require an airbrush. SKILL LEVEL 9
KOS Solar Red Leather Airbrush
Q: Will the Deglazer & prepare work on foams or Lebrons?

A. Nike use so many new materials that I don't recommend using
an acetone on plastic or nylon materials since sometimes they
either burn or turn yellow. Or become ruff with the deglazer or
acetone. Lebrons and Foams are a Flexiable coating not paint.
Please view the patent leather video to help you prep them using
Adhesion Promoter
Q: How do you paint Patient Leather?

A: Please view the video below we show you all the products and tools your going to
need this is a level 8 in skill to complete a pair and require alot of products.
Q: How do you PREP Foamposites?

A: You are going to need an adhesion promoter. We use SEM Sand Free which you
can buy on our site. But there are different brands like Bulldog or Duplicolor. If you
want to pick up location. Some preparers have different results. 1500 grit wet sand
paper.  We should have a video up soon!

Q: How do people engrave on shoes, such as add gator skin?

A: Wood burring Pen or Soldering Iron. These are widely available online or in arts or
crafts stores. Please check eBay, as I bought mine off of there.

Q: Do you carry another product like angelus incase I don't know
how to use a brush?

A: We also carry BRILLO spray but your going to have to tape off section so that the
paint doesn't go everywhere. Click the image below to take you to the page.
Q: Can Angelus be used in an airbrush Machine?

A: Yes but you don't want to add water you want to add a product called 2-thin
which doesn't  change the property's of the Angelus paint at all. An will allow it to
flex with our cracking.

Q: How do people make such clean edges/designs?

A: Most people have developed enough skill through practice to create clean
designs by hand. This will take time! However, people can mask to achieve
straight lines or edges Or masking off  Click the images below so they can take
you to our
Tape Job Page
Q: How do people add lettering to shoes?

Vinyl letter stickers are available at any arts and crafts store or You can buy a
Sihouette Cameo - Lay down your desired base coat for the color of the lettering,
lay down your stickers, add you second color directly over the stickers, remove
Q: Do you sell laces / Replacement Laces ?

Yes listed below are the different types we carry to help with your customs or
just simple replacing an old pair.
Thanks for Visiting

How to page It is here to help you get started on the path to making
Custom Sneakers or Help with Restoration of your sneakers. As
knowledge of processes and techniques grows we will try to keep this
page updated.

Number one thing to remember Trial and Error. Customization is a
relatively a new art form/ industry.  That Touches on a two industries
Art and clobbering. Both take incredible amounts of skill to learn let
alone trying to master  both. We carry some products but not all as we
grow We will make it a priority to get you all the best information out

King Kang
Q: How do I correct Midsole Cracking on my Jordans
A: We Have Created a page to help you with The process tips and tricks.
Also understand why the crack and why they will crack again. Click the picture
below or Click Here to be taken to the page.
Q: How do you make Jordan Pantone Blue?
Pantone is a color chart not an actual color. Jordan Brand just select a blue
from the chart to use on the sneaker.

In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone's founder, created an innovative system for
identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated
with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community. His insight
that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led to the
innovation of the PANTONE® MATCHING SYSTEM®, a book of standardized color
in fan format.
Pantone has since expanded its color matching system concept to other
color-critical industries, including digital technology, fashion, home, plastics,
architecture and contract interiors, and paint. Today, the PANTONE Name is
known worldwide as the standard language for accurate color communication,
from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer, across a variety of
industries. Pantone continues to develop color communication and inspirational
tools, and aggressively adopts new digital technology to address the color needs
of the creative community everywhere.
SB Laces
Leather Laces
Leather Laces

Q:How do I paint the "Nike Air" stitching on the back of Air Force Ones?
A: Use a fine tipped brush and apply the paint thinly. Take your time!

Q: How can I avoid leaving burn marks in the leather?
A: Since it is a wood BURNING pen, it will leave dark burn lines on certain shoes and
colors. If you want to get rid of these, paint over them with the same color.

Q: How do I make custom tags like Nikes?
A: Ask your local embroidery shop for an estimate of prices and what can be done.
Some screen printers also do this...
Q: How do a create a galaxy or Nebula Custom?

A: We now carry Overspray stencils to help you get started with
out have to cut your own paper version they are thin and flex
to help you with the curve of the sneakers.
Q:  Can I use another type of paint to paint on my sneakers            
that  are airbrush ready?

A: Yes we also carry Jacquard Airbrush Paints These do not require a filter and will on
a number of materials Leathers Plastics etc. Click the image below to purchase Or
Click Here.
Q: Do you sell Airbrush Ready paint that don't require filtering.
A: Yes we now carry Jacquard Airbrush ready paints. And they
also already contain a heat set additive.
angelus Finishers