The Brannock - Custom Sneaker & Artshow

Opening Reception Saturday July 13th
Show Runs July 13th – August 3rd
Location: Petra Gallerie 1149 S Robertson Blvd,
Beverly Hills CA 90035 310.247.0252

The customization of Nike sneakers has
been part of the urban underground art
movement since the 90’s. The sneakers’
strong status and influence within the
culture has inspired artist of diverse
disciplines to create innovative art forms. In
the case of customization, they become
“walking works of art” a holistic
representation of the culture. Once
customized, the sneaker transcends its
status and the art that it carries and it
becomes a reflection of the lifestyle and

Brannock- Definition:The Brannock Device
is the standard foot measuring tool for the
worlds footwear industry.

A collaborative project between King Kang of King
of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce of
Top2Bottom. The Brannock exhibition will feature
12 respected artist and their custom Nike
sneakers & inspired in a gallery setting. The
purpose of the show is to showcase the diversity,
high quality and craftsmanship that exist within
this art movement.

Marcos Rafael Ponce, King Kang and the 10
selected artist’s mediums range from graffiti to
classical, multimedia to assemblage and
bespoke shoe making. Each artist was asked to
customize a pair of Nike sneakers or inspired
artwork that best represents their own style. The
only requirement was that the artist use Nike as
there base & Angelus Leather paint as the
medium. This is an important requirement as we
want to make sure that the work is wearable and
of the best quality.

Featured Artists:
King Kang (kingofsneakers) King Kang        
Marcos Rafael Ponce (Top2Bottom)        Marcos Rafael Ponce        

Samir Evol (The Seventh Letter, Fly I.D.)
Antonio Mejia (Smoking Mirrors Gallery) Antonio Mejia
Dcypher        (CBS, DTR)        
EmmanueLabor Emmanuel Golden
Duem (K4P)
Norm "Nomzee" Maxwell Norm Nomzee Maxwell
Sab-One David Sab Forlizzi        
Nerv-One Nerv Skyhigh
Don Ville Raúl Ojeda        
Girlfitti Angie Vasquez

Outdoor installation by Seroe (Top2Bottom, TITS, AE, WAI. TEAM)

LA Jae (Top2Bottom,Shapeshifters, CBS)
Lezlee (Dot Kru)

Angelus pop-up store at Petra Boutique

All Ages

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