This is used for Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint to be mixed so
that it may dull the finish. Some people do not want the shiny
gloss so you mix the paint with a 5% mixture of duller. A little
goes a long way! Make sure you stick to a 5% ratio.

You can also mix the duller into our finishers to make them
duller as well.

Angelus 802 Spot Remover
Angelus Silicone Water Repellent
Easy to use treatment to help make smooth leathers water
resistant.  When used properly, will aid in keeping your leather
articles dry during the most severe rains.  Apply and allow to
dry completely before exposure.

Angelus Duller #722
A variation of our #800 Dry Cleaner sold for many decades to
our manufacturing customers.  Now available for shop use.  
Professional grade solvent preferred by some who require a
longer drying/working time.
Angelus Silicone Water Repellent
De-Salter is formulated to remove salt stains from shoes and
boots.De-salter will work on suede and nappy leathers as well
as smooth leathers.
Angelus Leather Preparer Deglazer
All purpose cleaner and stripper for leather articles.  Excellent
for use in preparing leather for dyeing with Angelus Leather
Dyes.  Product can be use to de-glaze factory finishes from
shoes, purses, holster, and saddles.  Leather Preparer &
Deglazer will tend to strip color from leather articles only and is
NOT recommended for use on vinyl or plastic.
Angelus Pure Neats Foot Oil #105
A Blend of 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil with the finest grade oils.  
Recognized all over the world as one the finest dressings for
leather saddles, boots, holsters, gloves, and sports equipment.  
Great for use on smooth leathers exposed to rugged outdoor
use.  When properly applied, will soften, lubricate, water-proof,
preserve, add to longer life, and help prevent drying and
cracking of leather.  Neatsfoot Oil, like many oils, may tend to
darken some leather and it not intended for use on suede.
Angelus Pure Neats Foot Oil
Angelus 2Thin #722
2-Thin is perfect when you need to thin out our Angelus
Leather Acrylic Paint. It keeps your shoe paint from clumping
on a mesh surface, and it's great when you're using airbrush for
your customization.

For airbrush applications, we suggest using a 1 part 2-thin to 4
parts paint ratio (1:4).

Our Reusable Paint Strainers work great to remove all
imperfections in the paint.
Angelus Mink Oil Compound
For years, mink oil has been used to condition and protect their
leather. So if you bought a brand new pair of leather boots, or
you want your favorite pair to last, Angelus Mink Oil helps
prevent stains and extend the life of your leather.
Angelus Mink Oil Spray
Warning: For outdoor use only. Do not inhale. Keep from
children and pets.

Mink oil has been used for years by many industries to
condition and protect their leather. Angelus Mink Oil is a
premium leather conditioner that prevent stains and extends
the life of your leather shoes. With our convenient Aerosol
version, you can rejuvenate faded suede in no time.
Angelus Leather Balm #210
A blend of Carnauba wax, natural oils, and cleaners.  The
same basic time tested formula created in 1907.  Ideal for all
smooth leathers.  Apply with a clean cloth, allow to dry, polish
to a mellow gloss.  Leather Balm with help keep leather soft
and supple.  Will not become excessively slick making it a
great option for use on upholstery and saddlery.
Angelus Neats Foot Oil #100
A natural material preserver and water repellant for leather.  
Ideal for softening, dressing, preserving, water-proofing, and
restoring life to leather items.  Especially beneficial to leather
subjected to rugged use and exposure.  Great for use on
leather saddles, harnesses, boots, baseball gloves, and other
sport and hunting equipment.  Not intended for use on nappy
Angelus Instant Shine
Use this for a quick shine on any color shoe. Just apply to shoe
and let sit and see it shine instantly. This is for on the go use
and if you are looking for a longer shine go with our waxes
Angelus Edge Paint 4oz  #660
Angelus Edge Leather Finish #660 is a durable high gloss
finish. No buffing required. Water-based for easy clean up. No
fire danger. Ideal for edging belts, saddles, and holsters.

Angelus Neats Foot Oil
Angelus Mink Oil
angelus duller
Angelus 2-SOFT #722
An absolute must-have when working on fabrics such as the
sock-liner of shoes and other soft fabrics. When heat-set
properly, this Fabric Medium will help keep your fabrics nice
and soft after being painted.

Mix Angelus 2-Soft with Angelus Acrylic Paints in a 1:1 ratio.
Apply multiple coats until you obtain full and even coverage.
Allow paint to completely dry.
Heat-set using a heatgun at 300º F for 3-5 minutes (this step is REQUIRED).Warning:
This product contains Formaldehyde, a chemical known to the State of California to
cause cancer. Use with proper ventilation
Angelus 2 HARD #722
Do you need to paint plastic or other hard surfaces? Then
Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with
Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to
adhere to non-porous surfaces such as plastic or glass. Angelus
2-Hard promotes adhesion and film hardness.

Mix with Angelus Acrylic Paints: 50% 2-Hard for flexible
surfaces, 75% 2-Hard for rigid surfaces.
Apply multiple thin coats until you obtain full and even
Allow to dry for 48 hours.
Blue Foam Cleaner 8OZ
Safely Cleans Suede, Leather, Nu-Buck, Linen, Mesh, Satin,
Straw, Canvas, Nylon And Vinyl
Will Remove most Stains

Easy Gel 3OZ
Easy Gel  Cleaner No Drip
No Rinse Formula is ideal
for Quick Touch-ups
Use on Smooth Leathers Rubber Soles Canvas Vinyl

Angelus Blue Foam Cleaner
Angelus Easy Gel Cleaner
Companion package to Angelus Instant Shine #310 series.  
Great 3oz retail bottle with a scrub top. Mild formulation for
consumer use.  Great on leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, and
straw.  Use care with the scrub top when using on suede.  May
damage nap.  Test on a small area prior to overall use.

Angelus Instant Clean
angelus instant clean

Angelus Shoe Stretch Spray
Safely Cleans Surface Dirt
On Suede and Leather Applywith Clean Cloth
DO NOT SOAK article work in to surface the wipe off excess


Angelus Shoe Stretch is a leather conditioner that will stretch
shoes while you walk.  Formulated to clean and stretch tight
fitting shoes and boots.  Works well on leather, suede, linen,
canvas, and vinyl. Cleans patent leather instantly. Also used to
clean natural suede.  Test on a small unseen area prior to
overall use.
Angelus Water & Stain
Angelus All Purpose
Foam Cleaner
When you get a new pair of shoes just spray your shoes with
this and it will become water repelled.  This puts a nice layer
of protection on your apparel making them last longer. A must
for after finishing a custom project. 5.5 OZ

Suggest on running shoes and boots not on customs or older
suede shoes. This cleaner is very powerful and may lift finish.
If you wish to play it safe use easy cleaner as it is much nicer
on materials. 5.5 OZ

Included in this set
Contains - All Purpose Foam Cleaner - Ease Suede Cleaner - Blue Foam
-Water & Stain Repellent -802 Spot Remover - Leather Balm Conditioner
-Easy Gel Cleaner  - KOS Metal & Nylon Scrub Brushe

Set of 7 Angelus Cleaning Products
Angelus Easy Cleaner 8oz
Safely Cleans Surface Dirt
On Suede and Leather Applywith Clean Cloth
DO NOT SOAK article work in to surface the wipe off excess


Angelus Easy Cleaner Quart
The new EASY way to clean your sneakers! Angelus Foam-Tex
Gentle Foaming Cleaner uses a pump handle that creates
foam directly onto your sneakers. No more bowls! No more
water! Now you can clean your kicks with ease using this brand
new sneaker cleaner.

Angelus FoamTex
Angelus Water & Stain Repellent provides an invisible
protective coating that repels water and stains to help keep
shoes clean and dry. The pump spray handle makes this
product fun and easy to use. Simply spray a liberal amount to
the desired area and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours
before wearing. A second application may be necessary for
porous or nappy surfaces (e.g. mesh or suede).

Use on suede, gor-tex, fabric shoes, boots, hats, jackets and
more! Safe for most "Dry Clean Only" fabrics.

When applied properly, water will bead up and fall right off!
Perfect for protecting delicate shoes, clothing, or furniture.

Angelus Water and Stain Pump
Angelus Suede & Nubuck Kit
Angelus Boot Spray
Eliminate tough odors using Angelus Deodorizer!

Unlike other products, Angelus Deodorizer doesn’t just mask
odors, it eliminates them! The scent-free formula ensures you
that the odor causing agents are completely gone. The 4 oz.
pump spray makes it easy to use on all materials.

Angelus Deodorizer is safe for use on all materials. Perfect for
eliminating odors on shoes, boots, clothing, hats, purses, bags,
furniture & more!

Angelus Deodorizer
When properly applied, Angelus Boot Spray will provide an
invisible protective coating that repels water & stains to keep
boots clean and dry.

Recommended Use: Surface to be treated must be clean and
dry. Apply 2-3 even coats to the desired area. . Allow about 30
minutes of dry time in between coats and let completely dry
before wear (at least 12 hours).

Note: Excessive spraying may temporarily darken some color
and natural leather.
Angelus Brand shoe cleaning products are top of the line! We
specialize in sneaker cleaners, no matter the material. The
Angelus Nubuck & Suede Set removes most soil and spots on
suede and nubuck.

Restores appearance of article with ease.
Will not change color or texture.

Contains 1 Suede Eraser & 1 Nylon Brush.
Leather Saddle Soap  Use moist sponge or cloth to produce a
rich lather and rub well into leather to remove imbedded dirt
and grime


Angelus Saddle Soap 3OZ #220

Angelus Saddle Soap 8oz #220
Leather Saddle Soap  Use moist sponge or cloth to produce a
rich lather and rub well into leather to remove imbedded dirt
and grime

Reptile Skins and Exotic Leathers Boots, shoes and other
footwear Handbags, wallets and belts Cleans, softens and
Includes pump sprayer for easy application.


Angelus Reptile Cleaner 8oz #216
Bring your yellowed soles/midsoles back to life with this
amazing product! Completely reverses oxidation that usually
occurs on icy/rubber soles. Safe for all soles including Glow in
the Dark and will not hinder glow properties.

Angelus Lustre Cream #220

Angelus Lustre Cream #220
Lustre cream is one of our most popular and versatile products.
Made from a blend of the finest waxes, oils, soaps, and
preservatives. Used in restoring, softening, cleaning, preserving,
and polishing all smooth leathers.
Ideal for use on purses, belts, luggage, shoes, and tack.
Excellent "one product" for cleaning, conditioning and
polishing. Simply apply liberally to article, allow to dry, buff.
That's it!!
Colors - Black, Brown, Tan, Army Tan, English Tan, Cordovan,
Navy Blue, Red, Kelly Green, & Neutral.
Angelus Dry Cleaner & Spot Remover  
Professional grade spot remover for leather, wool, vinyl,
clothing, etc. Ideal for preparing a leather surface for re-dying
and finishing. Also excellent for removing dirt and grease from
carpets and upholstery. Use care on synthetics. As with all
cleaners, test on a small unseen area before regular use.
Angelus Dry Cleaner & Spot Remover #800
Renews the original sole of shoes while giving it a nice
shine. Formulated for a high gloss military inspection quality.

Angelus Military Role call #541
Higher gloss than #540. Excellent for edging belts, purses,
shoes, key rings, and any finished or un-finished leather
items. Also used to color the "back side" of purses, belts,
etc. Will not peel or crack. No buffing required..

Angelus Acrylic Sole Heel Enamel #544
Angelus Leather Finish
Liquid finish for coloring and giving a gloss to leather all in
one step. No buffing required. Excellent for use on leather
edges, backs, and top surfaces. Ideal for production work on
belts, saddles, harnesses, and police/military equipment.

Angelus Acrylic Antique
While coloring leather, antique applies a protective finish that
helps repel water and enables a top coat to be used. Ideal for
tooled leathers. The depth of color on leather is determined by
the amount of time the acrylic antique is left on the leather
prior to wiping it off. Buff to a mellow glow or apply a top coat
for a glossier finish. Water-based for easy clean up.

Angelus Sole and Heel Dressing is an edge finish for shoes
and boots that dries to a gloss. No buffing required. Covers
scrapes and marks accumulated on a sole or heel. Not
intended for use on wood clogs. When dry, will not rub off.

Angelus Acrylic Sole Heel Dressing #540
Angelus Walk On Red
This product is the solution to restore or paint the bottom of
your hard soles to a brilliant red that has become so popular as
of late. This is a stain type paint with an additional hardening
agent specifically formulated to paint the bottom of hard-soled
shoes such as leather soled shoes, dress shoes, or heels.
Angelus Walk On BLACK
This product is the solution to restore or paint the bottom of
your hard soles to a brilliant red that has become so popular as
of late. This is a stain type paint with an additional hardening
agent specifically formulated to paint the bottom of hard-soled
shoes such as leather soled shoes, dress shoes, or heels.
Angelus Walk On Red
Angelus Walk On BLACK
Manufactured for all smooth white leather articles. When
properly applied, White Ace will clean, polish, and preserve
leather. When dry, White Ace is rub-off resistant. NON-TOXIC -
SAFE FOR USE ON BABY SHOES. A long time staple in the
nursing and golf industries as well.

Angelus White Ace Supreme Shoe
White  #302
Angelus Shine And Dye
DYE IT, then SHINE IT ... Just apply, allow to dry, buff to a
shine. That's all there is to itl I Angelus Shine and Dye is a
combination of Angelus dyes and waxes creating a one step
product for smooth leather items. Shine and Dye is excellent
for covering scuffs, scrapes, faded goods, and any smooth
leather in need of restoration. Will not crack or peel on leather.

Angelus Shine And Dye#530
Angelus Leather Finish #650
Angelus Acrylic Sole Heel Enamel #544
Angelus Acrylic Sole Heel Dressing #540
Angelus Glitterlites

Angelus Roll Call Military Grade
Show Wax Polish #455
Water repellent, polishes, and preserves all smooth leathers,
restores color. Made in the U.S.A.

Angelus Edge Paint 4oz  #660
Angelus Acrylic Antique #700
Angelus Empty Paint Markers   
3.0mm & 5.0mm #799
Create your own paint marker with these high quality refillable
marker bodies. Angelus Paint Markers come empty, ready to be
filled with your color choice of Angelus Acrylic Paint mixed
with Angelus 2-Thin (1:1 ratio). These markers feature a pump
action valve which allows you to control the flow of the paint.

Most colors will require adjusting with 2-thin in order to flow
right. General rule is if it is thick like milk it will need thinning
down. Does not work with metallics or neons.
The replaceable tip is also reversible.  One end features a
chiseled tip, great for creating shapes and lines. While the other
end features a rounded tip, perfect for small details or line work.
Note: These Empty Markers also work well with Angelus Dyes.
Anglus Empty Dye Pen
Applicators #599
When you want to make your own cement print on your custom
Jordans, pick up our Dye Pen Applicators. Use Angelus Brand
Dye's to saturate the felt and you have yourself a dye pen. This
is perfect when fine details are needed, such as the cement
look people are always going for without having to worry about
using paint. Just go straight over with this softly.

Dye pen comes with instructions on how to fill and use.

Remember: Will NOT work with Angelus Paint!
Angelus Dye Pen & Paint Set
#799 - #599
refillable paint makers
Paint Markers